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Trained for Due Diligence!
The DDingo is Your Intelligent Agent for Market Investment Research and Message Board Browsing

Time Is Money - Let the Diligent Dingo Fetch Your Due Diligence faster and easier.
Diligent Dingo - Intelligent Agent for Due Diligence and  Message Board Hound
Fetch It Here!

Key Benefits and Features of the Diligent Dingo.   See Interface

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Due Diligence The Diligent Dingo quickly and automatically fetches investment message boards, news, charts, company research, SEC filings, and general market research web pages. 
DD fetches information on demand, on a pre-configured fetching schedule or you can monitor activity on a minute-by-minute basis. With the ability to schedule fetching, you can have your Due Diligence waiting for you. Once the information is fetched, you can browse the information on your local machine at your convenience without delays.
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Huge Time Saver Time is Money.
The Diligent Dingo will save you many precious hours by fetching your stock market research Due Diligence for you. Why ramble around the internet searching for information when the Diligent Dingo knows where the information is and will fetch it for you with a single click of the mouse. The Diligent Dingo fetching speed is incredible. The fetching is optimized by utilizing multiple http streams and not fetching images. Research can be viewed while other fetching is processing in the background.
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Message Boards Get Control of the Boards!
The Diligent Dingo provides many powerful message board filters and controls for making the ‘boards’ easy to manage. 

Currently the ‘Big 4' message boards (Yahoo, Motley Fool, Silicon Investor, and Raging Bull) are supported. However, the Dingo doesn't sit still. The Dingo Developers are staking out plans to support additional  boards in future releases.

Why crawl with a spider when you can run with a Dingo?
It gives you the power to determine how you spend your time with message boards information. You won't be slowed down by a creeping internet connection, slow information servers or off topic and annoying posters. 

Schedule a fetch before you get home and the information will be at your fingertips. Setup your DDingo Pack and Flea filters to optimize your time by reading only the messages that are important to you.

Fetching Speed is Incredible!

Fetching speed will amaze you. For the fastest response and greatest time saving, the Diligent Dingo uses multiple http streams and does not fetch any images. The user specifies the number of initial messages to fetch. Thereafter, only messages that are 'new to you' are fetched.

Virtual Message Board: Get What You Need
The message viewer provides filtering features to control what you spend your time reading. Users can configure a ‘DDingo Pack’ to identify their favorite board posters. The Diligent Dingo message viewer will then only display messages from your DDingo Pack, creating a virtual message board on top of the over crowded public boards.

The 'Flea Pack' feature gives you the capability to tag annoying posters and have them filtered from viewing.  Want the Fleas back?  Just change the filter settings.

The ‘Archive’ feature provides a way to identify and save great posts for future reference.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Other Due

You MUST do Due Diligence!
Your hard earned money is at stake!

You must do your Due Diligence before investing your hard earned money, but you don't need to spend hours and hours doing it any more. The Diligent Dingo fetches Charts, News, SEC filings, loads of Company Research and Market Research automatically. Get all the information you need from multiple sources in one place.

Have a research site you like?  Add it to your Dingo. The research fetched is user configurable and extendable.

SEC filings can be fetched by a specified time limit or the user can pick and choose which documents to fetch. These documents can be large. Having them fetched automatically for you is a great time saver.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Easy to Use and Well Organized. Intuitive interface organizes all Due Diligence by ticker name for simple and easy research.

You configure your portfolio with an easy to use "Configure Portfolio" dialog. All controls are accomplished with point and click graphic interface. The Diligent Dingo has also done extensive studies to what the optimal default settings for the average user will need. We have also included many features that the 'Power Users' need also.

All information is organized by Ticker Name. All new messages, news, and SEC filings are identified as 'Unread' by you.

The ‘Archive’ feature provides a way to identify and save great messages, news and SEC filings for future reference. The archived items are maintained by ticker name and the Diligent Dingo research viewers provide filters to display only your 'Archive' items.

Older viewed messages are automatically purged to keep your disk usage in check. By configuring the auto-purge setting, the Diligent Dingo will maintain your database for you. However, if you tag a message as 'Archived' it will be saved for your future reference.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Free Maintenence
The Internet is Always Changing, so is the Diligent Dingo...

At Diligent Dingo Headquarters, we strive to keep up with the changing face of the internet. Since our product is based upon information from many great financial websites, the program will need to be updated in a timely manner to handle formating and database changes of these resources. The price of the software includes these program updates and version upgrades for one year after the date of purchase. In other words, if we make it better - it's yours!

However, the Diligent Dingo is not responsible for any web resource availability. For example, when a site discountinues a service or requires membership to gain access, we cannot continue support by the Diligent Dingo.

Purchase a Yearly Subscription Update Registration Key for the Diligent Dingo  
Only $19.95! (includes one year of free upgrades)

Must Download the Diligent Dingo Subscription Updater HERE!

Yearly Subscription Update:

1: Click on the link to Purchase a yearly subscription update registration key.
2. The registration information will be emailed to you immediately after purchase.
3. Click on the link to download the Diligent Dingo Subscription Update Program ddingoUpdateSub.exe (40kb)
4. Run the downloaded ddingoUpdateSub.exe and enter the information returned in the email sent to you after purchase.
5. Save tons of time doing your DD for another 365 days!