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The Scooter DDIngo is no longer running!

Heart Felt Thanks
goes out from
Scooter and Rocki
for the many years of success and great support from our users of these programs.

Unfortunately these programs are no longer supported but they still work.
Feel free to use them and profit!

If you are interested purchasing the intellectual property, technology, source code or support for
"The Dilligent Dingo"
or the
"Scooter Browser"
contact alpha@ddingo.co

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Fetch the Scooter Diligent Dingo Products
Let your Dog fetch you slippers,
Let the Scooter The Diligent Dingo fetch your Due Diligence!

Diligent Dingo - The DDingo is Your Intelligent Agent for Market Investment Research
and Message Board Browsing

Free! Fetch the Diligent Dingo Now!
(If you purchase a Diligent Dingo, you get a free license for The Scooter Browser too!)


Scooter Browser and Message Board Fetcher - Let the Scooter Browser Show You How to Really Run on the Internet!

Free! Fetch the Scooter Browser Now!

Try them Both!