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Trained for Due Diligence!
Let the
Scooter Browser Show You How to Really Run on the Internet!

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Time Is Money - Let Scooter Dingo Fetch Your Due Diligence faster and easier.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) 5 Pane Browser - Five fast and easy quick switch browsers in one -
  • No more cluttered desktop with multiple instance of your browser.
  • Switch between the browsers quickly and easily by using a simple tab control.
  • Have one browser pane logged in to your online account site
  • Have one browser pane on an important news site
  • Have one browser pane on your portfolio web page
  • Have one browser pane on your favorite chart watch page
  • Have one browser pane... any where you want
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Powerful Popup Blocking - No more annoying popups! Powerful and Easy to use. Built in so there is no additional expense or confusion of a third party plug-in.
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Web Search Tool Bar - Built in search bar for 17 major search engines. Easy and quick access to multiple search engines. Plus dictionary, thesaurus and calculator functions all in the same easy to use tool bar.
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Automatic Message Board FetchingThe DDBrowser AUTOMATICALLY Fetches 'The Boards' for you!

The Message Boards can be a great place to get advice, ask questions, or just have fun. But they can be painful to use at times. There is just too much volume and it takes too much time to plow through them.  Let the DDingo Fetch them for you.
  • Yahoo Message Boards
  • Silicon Investor Message Boards
  • Motley Fool Message Boards
  • Raging Bull Message Boards
  • Stock House International Message Boards
  • LightReading Message Boards
  • Messages are fetched fast - No images are fetched.
  • After the initial fetch, the DDBrowser Msg Hound can be configured to fetch only the messages that are 'new to you'.
  • Messages are presented in an easy to read board neutral format.
  • Messages are presented in a single easy to use page containing all of the messages you have fetched.
  • Convienient 'Next' and 'Prev' navigation buttons to speed through the fetched messages.
  • Each message contains a link to the original web page. This is handy to navigate directly to the messages web page to post a reply.
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Automatic Chart Fetching - The DDBrowser Chart Hound AUTOMATICALLY Fetches charts.
  • Charts presented  in one scrollable page. This makes researching stock charts fast and easy.
  • Yahoo Charts - Current Day, 5 Day, 3 Month, 1, 2, 5 Year
  • Big Charts - Current Day, 2, 5, 10 Day, 1, 2, 3, 6 Month, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 Year, All
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Over 1300 Pre-Configured investmet links! - The DDBrowser is your own private investment portal. Always being improved.

There are tons of great investment resources on the web. The problem is to find them, and then to organize them so that they are easy for you to use. This is where the Scooter DDBrowser Runs like no other. All of the investment links are organized for easy and fast access. You can re-organize the links to your liking, add links, or remove them. These links will also CONTINUOUSLY BE UPDATED! We are constantly  working to add new links and make sure that existing links are valid. The Scooter DDBrowser links can be automatically updated at any time.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Over 600 'Fetch By Ticker' links! - Unique Feature lest you go directly to the web pages for your tickers.

Configure you portfolio then automatically  'Fetch By Ticker' to ticker base web sites. The DDBrowser takes the ticker names from your portfolio and automatically creates the web address to go directly to over 600 pre-configured web resources for the selected stock symbol. There is no easier, quicker way to do your Due Diligence and Monitor your stock portfolio. Fetch by ticker links can also be configured in Scooter Link Buttons.

ball13.gif (152 bytes) Custom Scooter Link Bars - One Fast Click and Get to your favorite web sites fast and easy!
  • The Scooter Link Bars are used to get to web sites FAST!
  • The Scooter Links line the edges of the five browsers
  • Can be configured with the web sites that you use most.
  • The Speed bars can  be configured to 'Fetch By Ticker'. The Scooter Link will automatically create a the web address using the current ticker selected from your portfolio.
  • Can be hidden from view to maximize web browser viewing space.
  • 12 Sets of 70 Scooter Links lets you configure upto 840 quick access links to your favorite web pages.
  • The Scooter Links Sets are available for quick access with the Scooter DDingo buttons.
  • Scooter Links come pre-configured, but can be easily change to your favorite sites. Drag and drop links directly from web pages.
  • No more bothersome pulling down your 'IE favorites' menu, pulling over, looking around for the link you want. Just directly click on a Scooter Link. Woof!
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Auto refresh web pages for constant web page updates -  Very Useful for a portfolio price web page.

Like most investors, you most likely have your portfolio configured on a web site so that you can check the current prices. Now you can automatically have this page refreshed without the trouble of constantly hitting the refresh button. Just enter the number of seconds to refresh the page and click the auto-refresh on box. Woof!
ball13.gif (152 bytes) Automatically Imports your MS IE Browser favorite links.

Already have a lot of great web sites configured into your IE 'Favorites' list? The DDBrowser automatically imports them, and displays them just as MS IE would. You can even add new pages to the Standard IE Favorites list and organize them exactly the same as MS IE.