Welcome to the Diligent Dingo!

The Diligent Dingo (DDingo) was developed to make the life of a stock hound a little easier.

The DDingo is a very friendly little pup named Scooter.
However, some people are not familiar with this particular dog, but these pages should help you get up and running with the DDingo.

Diligent Dingo - Getting Started Installing the Diligent Dingo
Setting Up A DDingo Portfolio
Using Your DDingo Portfolio
Frequently Asked Questions DDINGO FAQs
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Installing the Diligent Dingo

  1. Select Start button from the Windows toolbar.
  2. Select the Run option. The Run window will open.
  3. Click the Browse button to open a browse window.
  4. Select the location to which you downloaded the DDingo file.
  5. Click the Open button. This will close the browsing window.
  6. Then click OK button to continue. The WinZip Self-Extractor application will start.
  7. Click the Setup button to begin the setup.
  8. The installation screen will appear. It will indicate that the DDingo is copying files needed for the setup.
  9. Once that step is complete, the DDingo Program Setup window will open.
  10. Click the OK button. (The other option is the Exit button to leave the setup operation.)
  11. The installation will default to install the program on the local drive in the Program Files folder under DDingo.
    To change this setting click the Change Directory button. Enter desired path, then click the Continue button.
    To install at default location, click the icon at the top with the computer graphic to begin installation.
  12. The installation of the DDingo will begin. To exit the installation at any time, click the Cancel button.
  13. During installation, you may be prompted that a file being installed by the DDingo is older than a file currently on your system. ALWAYS keep the newest version of an operating file.
    Select the YES button to continue. This will be the default selection.
  14. After the DDingo is installed, the program will be in your menu system under "DDingo".
  15. Installation Complete.

Setting Up A DDingo Portfolio

  1. To begin using the DDingo, click the Start button on the Windows menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select Programs options then select the DDingo and the DDingo program under that folder.
  3. The application will open to the main Diligent Dingo Browser window.
  4. The Portfolio Control option will be selected. To add a ticker, click the Configure Portfolio button.
  5. Enter the ticker in the text box next to the New Ticker radio button.
  6. After entering the ticker, select the sources of information you want to fetch for this ticker. To activate an option, click in the box under the Fetch column.
  7. When a column is checked, it will enter a default number of messages to retrieve. To check the current number of messages available, click the Get # Msg Available button. In the number of available messages will appear in the text area below.
  8. To change the default selection, click into the box under the #Msgs column and type in the number of message you want to fetch.
  9. When you have finished selecting the information you want to retrieve, select the Fetch Mode for the ticker.
    Schedule - this is a fetch done a intervals specified in your fetching schedule. See Scheduled Fetching option for more information.

    Research - this is a one time fetching function. This option is generally used for the first Due Diligence done on a ticker.
    Monitor - this is for ongoing retrieval of information on a ticker.
    Idle - this is to disable the fetching capabilities of a ticker without deleting it from your portfolio.
  10. To add the ticker to your portfolio, click the Add to Portfolio button.  The ticker will now appear in the Portfolio Ticker window.
  11. To add additional tickers, repeat the process.
  12. When done adding all tickers, click the Done button. This will return control to the main DDingo window.
  13. Process Complete.

Using Your DDingo Portfolio

  1. In the main browser window, check the box in the main window for the ticker you want to fetch.
  2. In the Ticker Control window, select the category you want to fetch by clicking in the check box.
  3. After you have selected the category, click the Start Fetching button.
  4. The DDingo will start fetching your selections. The progress of the fetch will be displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the window.
  5. When the DDingo is done fetching your selections. Choose a category to view under the Select Viewer window. The information corresponding to your selection will appear in the windows to the right.
  6. For fetched messages, the message lines will appear in the middle Messages window. The content of the selected message will appear in the right-hand Message Browser window.